How Do I Just… Start?

(getting over the fear of starting and just doing what you love and working with the information you have) I’ve been blessed by being able to listen to podcasts or music all day at my workplace. Since I’m at work for more than half of my day, for years and years I’ve been stressed that … Continue reading How Do I Just… Start?


How to Beat the Bad Block

Let’s face it- writer's/artist’s block is inevitable. It gets in the way of our business, of our processes, of our plans for a more creative lifestyle. It can keep us ensnared for weeks, even months. It’s AWFUL. You already know all of this- of course you know all of this. It happens to everyone, and … Continue reading How to Beat the Bad Block


There is no other way for me to tell you “nobody’s home” than for me to turn it away from you and close my arms and tell you to find another one. Maybe I have to rent this home out to someone else before you stop knocking on my front door. (nobody else is allowed … Continue reading /3


I don’t know what feeling sure is like. You can tell me I don’t love you, and I won’t. I will question if I ever did- When just yesterday I kissed your eyelids and flowers grew there. I don’t know how to keep them alive but I grew them. I will do whatever you tell me, … Continue reading /2


I am not a regurgitator nor a reporter, but a writer. I don’t do anything I’ve done before. That is a lie. You are the 9-5 job I hate but can’t quit. I will chew you up and spit you out and chew you up again until eventually you’ll be someone I don’t recognize anymore.


I wanted to peel your skin, let it fall around me, cluttered in your dust, i was a gardner who wanted only to harvest us the freckles from your shoulders like dirt under my fingers, i try to plant you only to wither