The Goddess Aradia Jewelry Collection

My new jewelry collection has finally, finally been finished. A couple months ago I got back into making jewelry more often. I was experimenting so much! I was using clay with crystals and making pendants I never would have thought to try before. Working with a new medium was such a learning process, but I … Continue reading The Goddess Aradia Jewelry Collection


Pop Market SA 2017

The babe and I were in our first art market this past Sunday! I have always been an artist, a crafter, but these last five years I've been making jewelry and sewing non-stop in hopes that I would some day get the nerve to be in a market. It's finally happened and we didn't sell … Continue reading Pop Market SA 2017

Raw Crystals Transformed to Beautiful Necklace Pendant

When I started making jewelry, a lot of what I made included healing crystals. But then wire wrapping became a thing and I got really turned off from working with the stones. I don't really like wire wrapping or wrapping the stones with anything, really. I finally learned how to do this silver capped technique … Continue reading Raw Crystals Transformed to Beautiful Necklace Pendant