While in New York…

I've been home for only four days since being in New York and it already feels so, so distant. I think all of the ruckus there put me in such shock that I started repressing everything or something (someone please tell me how to show sarcasm through text). But here is what I remember: I … Continue reading While in New York…


How to Beat the Bad Block

Let’s face it- writer's/artist’s block is inevitable. It gets in the way of our business, of our processes, of our plans for a more creative lifestyle. It can keep us ensnared for weeks, even months. It’s AWFUL. You already know all of this- of course you know all of this. It happens to everyone, and … Continue reading How to Beat the Bad Block

Market Mondays: Is Your Business Ready for an Art Market?

Not everyone will be ready for an art market. It’s not exactly smart to, say, start making watercolor prints and instantly say “hey, lets sign up to be in an art market!” Slow down. You’ll get there. Until then, here are some things to think about working on so that you’re ready. What does your … Continue reading Market Mondays: Is Your Business Ready for an Art Market?