Woolie Warm Things to Make this Winter

It’s getting colder here in Australia. While everyone back home is sending me pictures of them by the pool, I’m thinking about warm things to sew for the coming winter. Wool is a pretty big thing here, so I’ve been interested in what I could make with it. Here are some cool things I’ve stumbled upon while perusing the web!

The only clothes I ever want to wear are shades of grey and frompy things- anything that is black and doesn’t cling to my body but kinda makes me look like a hobo because of how loose it is, i’m all for it.

So I found this scarf! I’m loving the gender neutral look of it. I’m honestly obsessed with scarves because of how simple they are yet how easy they spice up an outfit. If i could have 1 black shirt and a million different scarves, i’d be set for life. While looking at this picture you can’t really tell how the pattern is on the scarf, but head on over to this website that shows you the tutorial and you can see how the colors are diagonal which makes this thing pretty sweet. Somehow the diagonal does something intricate to the look of the scarf.

It’s a coincidence that what I found next matches the scarf perfectly. Look at these gray and cream gloves! They’re SO simple and SO rad. I usually wear dark shades, but these gloves and the scarf have me rethinking my color choices. Here’s a link to the step-by-step process they used in making these beauts.


Ok. Lets get serious, now. Look at how simple and beautiful this poncho is! I love the detail of the fabrics and the contrasting grain pieces. I honestly don’t think I’d be able to take this off if I ever got the chance to make one.

I hope you’ve liked my choice of DIY’s and fashion! Make sure you check out the links to these so you can check out who actually made them!


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