Hip Hop Artists in Art

Before I moved, I had (somehow) finished a painting of Biggie Smalls. In the middle of finishing the painting, I got an email about a new art space needing music-focused art for img_6360a gallery they were curating for the month. The fact that I found the perfect exhibit, and at the right time, for my work was crazy to me. I had to finish my painting so I could submit it to the gallery- I think that was finally the push I needed to finish a painting for once.

So, I finished my painting and then got it into the gallery. The opening night was so weird- the DJ was playing vinyls of music that made me feel so awkward when my dad and granny came to check it out. There was free beer and drinks, snacks, and tons of portraits of musicians on the walls.

16299266_1194495103997109_8575657340707096901_nThe space was pretty low key but has since turned into a spot where my friends go and perform, so I’m thinking it is stepping up in the community. That has me excited to go back to the mitten to take part in more exhibitions!

I’ve always wanted to paint a series of rappers, and since I got this one done it’s really pushed me to start the series. How dope would it be to have Snoop, Biggie, Ice Cube, and Drake paintings all in one gallery together in the same style kinda like this?! I’d think it’d be pretty dope.




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