Eating Down Under

Hey all,

Sorry for the absence last week- I don’t actually have an excuse other than it’s been hard getting my mental state adjusted to this new life style. Even today, on a good day, it’s hard to want to do anything.

Not a lot is different between America and Australia, but the food (at least mine compared to theirs) is different.
I never realized that Americans eat everything deep-fried and, so far, I can’t say the same for the Aussies.
I realized before that my diet was unhealthy with me always eating cereal or Poptarts. I rarely had an appetite or hunger, so when I actually felt like eating something I thought I should probably eat it regardless of what it is. But my girl friend and her mom are trying to get me “healthy” so I’ve been eating… vegetables and plain things(she doesnt eat her salad with any dressing… how???)… but, I’ve still been managing to have A+ food.

img_7196Zombreros has gotten me into burritos which is probably the most healthy thing im obsessed with

My girl friend is starting a cake business, so she’s been experimenting with different cakes and cupcakes, so of course i’ve been the taste tester. On top of that i’m always finding a way to fill my shit-for-food cravings.

Look at all this drool-worthy goodness




Ive ate at some wonderful lil cafes and think i need to keep track of em! 

Off the top of my head, places you need to eat at in Adelaide are

  • Brother Bear, Mount Barker
  • Zombreros, Mount Barker, the city
  • Inside Morocco
  • The market inside of China Town
  • Loca Vore, Sterling
  • The Haus, Hahndorf

I’ve got some great photos of some of these places, so im thinkin my next post will be more in-depth about them. There are a handful of cafe names that i cant remember, that i loved, so i’ll figure them out for my next post(that waffle topped with strawberry and ice cream was at an amazing lil place that i need to find out the name of!). 

If youve got any suggestions of places to eat in Adelaide, holla at me. 


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