Traveling Tips

It’s only been a week since my last post but it feels so, so much longer. I’ve been living in Australia for four days but i’m pretty sure it’s been longer as well. Time goes by in weird ways when I’m trying to understand my new timezone while still keeping track of the timezone my friends and family are still in.

So, I was super stoked about the flights, with the prospect of 30 hours of being by myself, suspended in time, with the ability to just read and chill out sounding very appealing.

It wasn’t like that, though. Not really. I was too worried about if I was going to have to tell my seat partners to move because I had to get to the bathroom or what the time was (it is so fricken’ hard to tell what time it is when you’re going thru 3 or more time zones in two days)- why do timezones stress me out so much? At one point my phone said one time, my computer another, and the clock in the airport said a whole different one on top of that. I had no clue what was going on in time and space.

I thought I’d give ya’ll some tips for traveling/flying for longer than, say, 10 hours.

  • Yes they feed you on long/international flights but you’re probably not going to like some of it and you definitely don’t get fed enough so make sure you pack snacks. I did this and my snacks ended up getting all smushed and crumbled at the bottom of my purse so I ended up throwing them away halfway through my travels, so if you bring snacks, make sure they’re not gonna get all chewed up before they’re actually in your mouth. It’s a sad life when you’re so stoked to eat pop tarts in the near future and then you find they’re in crumbles.
  • Pick a window seat. I know that as a window seater I was giving too much thought towards whether or not i’d have to make my seat partners move, so it might sound easier to just get an isle seat, but window seats are perfect for documenting your journey. I flew over all of the US and seeing the views made me feel like I actually experienced them without landing, which is great. I have never seen the mountains out west but I flew over them and they were so insane and insanely beautiful and I have this weird sense of fulfillment, like it’s okay if I never get to see them down on the ground, because I’ve basically already experienced them. When we were landing in Australia I could see SO much of the island and it made me more fully grasp the concept that I was in another country. Also, since one of my flights was over 12 hours, and during the night, I wanted to sleep so being against the window helped me curl up more and have something to lean on so I didn’t have to sit straight up to sleep and worry about my head floppin over onto the person next to me.
  • Bring cash and a debit/credit card. At the airports you might want to eat, so you’ll need cash to exchange into foreign currency if your card won’t let you use it internationally. On the flights you can buy snacks with a credit card.
  • Bring your toothbrush, face wash, maybe an extra shirt. Somehow you end up feeling really grizzly by the end of your travels. Its such a comfort to have your teeth brushed and your face feeling clean.
  • Wear layers. The airports and flights all differ to greatly that it’s hard to know what to expect. Plus, if you’re too hot to wear your sweatshirt, you can use it as a pillow instead.
  • Don’t stress. Go with the flow. Talk to people if you need help. Everyone’s in the same situation as you.

Good luck!

Australia is beautiful. My girl friend is beautiful. I have no idea what the future holds but that’s kind of exciting. I’m just going with the flow.


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