Moonwalking With the Foer Family

Months ago I was (of course) buying used books from my library when I found an author of a book with the same last name as my favorite author. I had no idea if they were related, but bought the book anyway in hopes of figuring it out later. But the book came home with me and went onto one of my many bookshelves and became lost… until it caught my eye yesterday. 

I opened up to the back flap and there was a picture of Joshua Foer… who looked exactly like my favorite author, Jonathan Safran Foer. I know the journalist in me shouldve Google searched their relation, but the resemblance said it all. I started reading Moonwalking With Einstein by Joshua and went in expecting one thing, due to how the cover looks, and ended up being totally turned around and surprised. Joshua is a journalist (like me- or at least I have a degree in journalism…) and this book is basically research he did about how good our memories are. Identifying anything as “research” makes it sound boring/overwhelming, but this book is amazing so far. Joshua is a journalist but he has such a way with words that hes able to write about his experiences in a colorful manner. This is probably the easiest research ive ever read. It gives journalism a new name and has definitely inspired me to persue a different direction within the profession. 
OK, so, while writing this I decided I wanted to know FOR SURE if Jonathan and Joshua were related, so I did a little search and found that they are indeed related BUT they also have another brother that also writes. My mind is fascinated with this family now. I am in awe at the skills they possess and am interested to know how/why they all got into writing, and how 2/3 of them are oh so talented (the ratio could deffinitely be 3/3, i just havent read anything by the third brother). What it must have been like to be in a family full of writers. Was it more about competition or collaboration? Did their love for the same thing make their family feel more cohesive? 
Maybe this has gotten a little creepy, me wanting to know so much about their lives- but theyre just phenomenal, so I need to know their secrets. 

I’ll end this post with a tip: check out these brothers if youre a journalist, an indulger of literary fiction, or literally anyone because you cant go wrong with these dudes.


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