Art Journaling 2

Since i’ve been so into art journaling lately, the only gifts I asked for for the holidays and my birthday were things that would make it more fun. My parents got me markers and a blank-paged journal (using my lined journal for art journaling was getting way too annoying- plus it was a little too small to do much in).

My best friend saw, on my other blogs, all of the hype I was making of journaling, so for my birthday she got me the most beautiful supplies. Everything she picked out was exactly what I would have picked out. Everything was perfect. birthday
i-amEvery year she gets me the most sentimental/thoughtful gifts. Sometimes I’m weirded out by the gifts because I’m like 99% sure she was inside my brain when she bought them, or I just don’t understand how she remembered that I mentioned wanting the gift something like 6 months ago. So all of the supplies were perfect, which, of course, made me scared to use them. I wanted to only use them at the perfect moment- for their perfect purpose. Art and writing are two life rafts in my life(along with my best friend), so it feels so good that I can make my journal more pretty by the stuff she got me. Everything that I write or make will always have a little piece of her at its core. How wonderful.

Ever since I got these new supplies, i’ve been art journaling every day. I think i’m trying to do the 100 day project. Most days I do multiple spreads, but i’ve found that theyre not as jam packed with content as I see on other blogs. There is a point while doing a spread where I feel like I have reached what I am trying to convey, where I don’t know how else I could possibly enhance what is on the page.pollock So, I guess a lot of my pages have come out looking simple, although the topic or what is said seems very broad to me.  I thought with more/new supplies I would make my pages have more content on them, but I’m pretty sure it’s ended up being the opposite. Everything that i use is so pretty that i don’t need to use a lot of it.
sweetI love this medium because I don’t have to spend a ton of time writing out what I’m feeling. I can just be straight to the point with that I say and then let the art do the rest of the healing for me. When I feel like I have enough art on the page, I feel very accomplished because i’ve finished something, as well as healed because I’ve put that topic in my brain down onto paper and finished it, in a sense.

I would love to see what you’re up to in your art journals- share your links/photos so we can spread the inspo! ❤


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