Art Journaling

I’ve stumbled into an obsession with art journaling (which lead to an obsession with Washi Tape, can you tell?). Creating an art journal feels like so much less pressure than doing “actual art.” Although, the topics I’ve dabbled in and thoughts I have discovered while art journaling are way better than in my other art; I wish I could transfer some of the topics from here and turn them into more pronounced fine art. I’m afraid that turning it into a more serious form of fine art may bring back the pressure of fine art and dilute my message.

Mixing my two favorite things, art and writing, into these art journals has become a therapy for me. I am able to do art which calms me immensely and makes me feel in my element, and I’m able to write which makes me consider and criticize thoughts I otherwise wouldn’t have.

I’ve stumbled upon the little corner of the web where the art journal blogs are- and here goes another obsession! I love that some people who art journal have no artistic talent, but a journal gives them the tools they need so they can still make bad ass stuff that expresses themselves. I love that art journaling can be a used art medium for the artless. I love that art journaling has come into the spotlight as this beautiful thing (which it is). People are understanding just how deep pages of someone’s notebook can be. I love seeing the mind and creativity of someone thrown down onto a page of a journal they probably keep private (lets be real, showing people on your blog something is still intimate and private).

I urge anyone who has never tried it, to do so! You can literally do anything you want. I chose to take magazines and use pictures that really picked my interest and made me start thinking- they became my topic, subject, my muse. You can use stickers, WASHI TAPE!!, markers, flowers, string, pages from books/magazines, or stuff printed offline. Anything that inspires you/makes you want to say something is fair game. Give it a go, I can almost bet that you’ll feel better after trying it out.


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