Finding Validity

I just started working at a quilting shop that is just a small business that was started in the owner’s basement (but has since been moved to an actual retail location)- there are about twelve of us working before the shop opens up at 2 p.m. I get to touch pretty fabric all day and I can talk to practically everyone I work with about sewing projects (theirs, mine, new ones, all of the sewing projects!), so yeah it might not be much of an Adult Job, but I love it so much and think its so perfect for me.

I thought that not only was the job not taking up enough of my time, so that I still had plenty of time to sit around and think about all of the melancholy things, but the job wasn’t giving me the best addition to my resume- so I somehow got an internship that I had previously been unsuccessful at obtaining. I am now the creative writing intern at 826michigan, where we provide free tutoring and writing workshops to students. I thought it was awesome to intern here because the author Dave Eggers founded the original 826, but now after meeting all of the other volunteers and interns, I’m blown away by the amount of inspiration that one community can hold. ON TOP OF THAT, I feel like I’m finally holding an Adult role in my life.

The internship makes me feel so, so good about myself (but it also makes me feel good about the world, too). It is a beautiful thing when a community can come together to help each other out. Everyone who is in our 826 spaces actually want to be there- everyone is there to support the person next to them. I am put into the space to facilitate the creative writing activities/interactions, to (hopefully)get kids to adore writing as much as me, to give kids the tools to express themselves, to give kids a break after being at school all day, I am there to bring them into a space where they can just free and empty their minds. I can do this in any way I want. I am given so much freedom to do what I want in these workshops, on top of “teaching” about something that is already about having freedom.

I am treated like an adult by my mentors. After having always felt inferior to people at my jobs, because I was always younger than my coworkers, I now feel like an equal. I feel like I am good enough. I feel like this place gives me possibility. I know I am there to give students inspiration and the tools to express themselves, but honestly the organization and the students give me more than I could ever give back.

I just had an acquaintance of mine (who I look up to and who is brilliant and active/ inspiring within our community), who is also interning at 826, message me and say “Hey, we’re gonna be lit at our after school program so I’m glad we can inspire people together and I’m hype for how we can grow together through this yo.”
Feeling like something much bigger than myself is just wonderful.


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