Petty Cabs in Ann Arbor

Do you ever make plans and then they turn out completely different than expected? That’s what happened to my best friend and I on Friday night.

We planned to go to the club in downtown Ann Arbor, then walk around afterwards to play Pokemon. We ended up doing neither of those things; we ate at iHop, went downtown and TRIED to play Pokemon, but then we discovered petty cabs.

The petty cabs were riding around with their big flashy lit wheels and people on the streets were saying hi to people in the cabs, and the drivers of the cabs were saying hi to other drivers and just so much joy and excitement was going on because of this new form of transportation- what a beautiful sight.

The driver we got was actually the dude who started the petty cabs in A2. During our ride he asked us about our goals, and told us about how the business got started, and our conversations were just so pure. He told us that he had been an addict and went to jail which had made it hard for him to find housing or a job. A little while later he had a son and needed to support him so he came up with the idea of petty cabs, put his mind to it, and it popped off!

Other people who have been/are in his situation and/or who are finding it hard to find a job are able to drive petty cabs, there are about six bikes in the business now, and earn a living. The guy who started this wanted to help himself get out of the rut he was in but now he is really trying to help everyone, and honestly he is doing such a good job.

The cab fairs are based solely on donations- the owner said he didn’t want to discriminate against anyone for how much money they had- he wanted everyone to be able to ride. He wants people to pay what they truly thought their ride was worth.

His interest in psychology and his history has him aiming to open up a rehab so that he can teach a way of life through positivity, meditation/spirituality, and other healthy ways that are the tools he’s used to do so well today.

If you put your mind towards a goal, you can reach it if you just let positivity take over.


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