Getting Over Abusive Relationships

Being in an abusive relationship makes you feel crazy- it makes you feel like you overthink, like youre the one who is wrong and it just simply gives you anxiety that you probably wouldnt have had before. There are so many negative ways abusive relationships can effect your life, even after youre no longer with them.
Once youre out of the relationship you might
-automatically feel that people are mad at you UNLESS they tell you otherwise.
-feel the need to lie to people even when you have nothing to lie about- you just dont think people will believe you orginally.
-feel the need to write out a dissertation about where youve been, why you need money youre asking your parents for, basically just the need to be overly transparent even when there’s no need to be. People dont think about your life or need to know about it like your abuser did.
-constantly be on edge around people because you expect them to freak out(in any sense of the phrase) at you at any second.
But hey! Your friends and families go-to mood towards you is not anger. They know youre an adult and are responsible for your own life. They trust you.
Its hard but you have to keep reminding yourself that youre feeling these things for no reason. You dont have to be on edge anymore, you’ll be okay.


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