Marbled Fabric

I’ve marbled clay, so it only made sense to marble fabric. I’m pretty sure there are 1,000 ways to do this, and I did the most little kid (and least effective) one. I took shaving creme and then added dots of black screen printing ink and then swirled them together to make it look marbled. I then put a piece of white fabric on top of that, and pressed down. I pulled the fabric off of the shaving creme and paint, which stuck to the fabric. I laid the fabric, with the shaving creme and paint face up, flat on an empty surface and took a flat edge of a ruler and scraped the excess stuff off of the fabric, so that it was no longer thick. Behold:marble

As pieces of fabric like this, I think the design looks awful and done wrong. However, I believe that if I were to make something out of these pieces of fabric, that the design would look so, so unique!

Next time (if I stick with this technique) I think i’m going to use more shaving creme and less ink.

I’ve seen people taking a bucket of water, then adding paint dots on top of the water, with one color on top of the next, and that ends up looking marbled- but how you apply that effect on fabric, i have no clue. I need to figure out that method and do it that way, probably.

I also watercolored on some fabric, and will be posting photos of that soon- so, stay tuned! And please, if you have any dying techniques, or suggestions for this one, please let me know. I’m so interested on different ways of altering fabric.


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