The Book of Jezebel- Encyclopedia of Women and Women Things

I finally got a library card today! My book collection is so huge, with so many books that I havent read, that I thought it would be pointless to get a library card as an adult. But, the books I own get unappealing after a while, even if I’ve never read them. So, instead of buying new books, I can just rent them! Which is totally easier on my budget.
41H8UTbUGbL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_At my library they have a whole room full of newspapers and magazines of all types (it was so hard for me to not grab 20 or more magazines and check them out. I grabbed three, and will grab the other 17 during later trips. hehe) which totally stoked me because working for a magazine is the dream! I’m gonna indulge in reading as many different kinds as I can so that I can get knowledge and inspiration about the business.


Besides magazines I found a collection of art books (I totally checked out a sewing encyclopedia), as well as this beautiful book, The Book of Jezebel, that I’ve started reading tonight. Let me tell you what- if you want a book that gives knowledge and perks curiosity, this is the one. This book is a literal dictionary about everything related to women. In the first page I found my favorite artist, Marina Abramovic, listed and went berserk. Also while reading the first page, I was already writing down books that it mentioned that perked my interest.

This dictionary isn’t as drab as the ones you’re used to, this one is sarcastic and witty and makes me laugh. It reminds me of being a kid in elementary school when my mom would be helping me study for a test, and she’d make up really stupid jokes that related to the material, so that I would remember it. Jezebel is so sassy that I’m able to retain the tons and tons of information it’s throwing at me only because the sassiness sticks in my head.

Speaking of my mom, I’ve been reading her funny blips of this book all day long and she, even though she doesn’t read, said she needs to read it when I’m done! So, ya know, if a 22-year-old and a 49-year-old can dig it, so can you.


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