Studio Vibes

I’m separating art spaces in my room and trying to get good vibes going. I’m trying to surround myself with art that I’ve made so that it continues to inspire me to make more of it.

studio space1I’ve found that I’m so much more productive when I stand up to draw- my ideas and process flow so much more freely. I also like that I can keep this space up while in the process of finishing it, instead of working on it on my desk and having to put the piece away every time I want to work on something else. I’m using my desk for sewing and this space for drawing and it’s working so well. studiospace2studiospace3

I hung up some of my screen prints next to my desk to add some color. I also have an organizer I’ve sewn that holds my fibers tools.

It’s so important to split up art spaces and make sure they give you the vibes you need to create your best work. I can’t wait until I don’t have to have all of my spaces merged into one room. I know I’ll feel much more productive with my sleeping area completely separate from my art space- I can’t wait to get a studio. I want an open area with big windows, where it wont matter if I get paint everywhere. One can dream, right? For now, this is how I’m working with what I’ve got.

What kinds of things do you have in your studio space that inspire you to do your best work?


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