Moving and Creative Freedom

There is something about the way it feels to move back into your childhood bedroom under your parents’ roof. Even though you were worried and anxious about living with your family again, you’re able to lay down in your bed with your cat (who has definitely not adapted) and feel safe and calm.

I haven’t been living with my parents for the better part of the last four years, but yesterday I moved back home for what I’m hoping is the next four months– just long enough to get my shit together after graduating college to go back out on my own.

I’ve lived in such tiny rooms that now that I have this big room to live in again, I am in bliss. I can actually have all of my books out and around me, them breathing in fresh air and me breathing in their company, without it feeling too crowded. Who wants to own books if they have to be packed away somewhere and you can never look at them? Not me.

On top of that, I have room for art– like, lots of room. That’s the most important thing to me, and what made me so excited to move home. I have multiple spaces where I can work on projects which makes for an easier flow of work progress. I’m hoping that since my projects don’t necessarily need to be packed up every time I’m done working on them for the day, that I’ll always be inspired to work since I’ll always been looking at the projects. Do you know how tiresome it is so constantly get out projects and put them away? It’s like when you build a house on the Sims and you’ve worked so hard at that that afterwards you’re too wore out to even play the game.

As an artist I need space. I need places to keep my projects, to work on projects and to display projects for inspiration. I also need my work area separate from my play area.  I have that and I finally don’t have school to interrupt my inspiration, so needless to say I am so, so stoked. Hopefully at some point I can stop unpacking in order to get some art done!


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