Celebrate Your Little Victories

photo from Pinterest

While I was shopping today, I saw a picture frame (that was totally cool- it had a wire across it like a clothes line so you could clothes-pin pictures to the wire in the frame) that had this written on it. It made me really emotional because I thought about all of the times I doubted myself about something but still accomplished it.

It is so, so important to keep pushing yourself even when you think you can’t take any more. You always have room left to wiggle, to grow, to stretch. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is just waking up the next day, or getting out of bed, or finishing that assignment.

It is so worth it to push through tough times, because when you look back on them you will feel so, so accomplished. I promise you. Learn to celebrate your little victories, to be proud of yourself any chance you get. You are not done growing yet. You’ll get there. Just be patient.


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