A Step in the Right Direction

There’s been something about the last six months that have left me defeated and in no need to create, when usually my whole life feels off if I’m not constantly buzzing around with my hands full of art. I’ve had fibers classes that forced me to create, and although it wasn’t my best work, I learned a lot and I felt generally good that I was creating something.
I learned how to screen print and that’s probably one of the most valuable things from the last six months. I’ve known that I want to create/design my own fabrics, and learning this skill pushed me in the right direction. But I may have already touched on that in a previous post-
the point is, I finally designed my own fabric, screen printed it, and sewed (for probably the first time in six months- I don’t know how I let myself go that long) it into a dopp kit and a wallet, which match (I just really want to put out series of products that use the same fabrics so everything is cohesive in some way.)!

I’ve come to realize that in order to get myself to create, I need to have all of the supplies I need, as well as a concrete idea of what it is I want to make. So, I’ve outlined all of those things in my notebook and have made detailed sketches of the bags, wallets, etc I wanna make. These sketches include the type of fabrics and screen print designs I want to put together to create the wallets/bags/etc that would excite me. I think I’ll make my next post about this, so stay tuned!


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