Trying to Detach While Traveling

I finally got to travel by myself. Ever since I can remember I’ve had this deep wanderlust that just keeps growing, so the first chance I got I took a plane to Texas to visit a close friend that moved there over six months ago.

12764894_1149717091705775_4334300893853056150_oBeing miles and hours away from my home made me realize so many things about myself. I thought I would feel so much better, mentally, being in the sun and away from home (which is where a lot of my problems reside), but for the most part I was wrong. I was so homesick and partly wanted to be home for the week while I had no school or work, so that I could reorganize my life.

I know this feeling had nothing to do with how much fun I had, because I enjoyed myself so, so much. The sun made everything 100% better, as well. But I just can’t help but wonder if I picked the wrong time to travel, or if I’ll never really be ready to detach myself from where I’ve built my home.

I’m also wondering if I wouldn’t have been so homesick of I would’ve been able to bring more of my stuff with me. I brought the tiniest suitcase imaginable and could hardly pack 8 shirts in it, so I wasn’t able to pack any of my hobby stuff. I’m the type of person who always likes to be working on some type of art, so I think if I would have been able to do that I would’ve been A-Ok. I brought my favorite book with me and read that, which helped me feel a little more at home and sane. It made me feel connected to my normal life.

12798827_687457774691043_3798853066931410590_nI just don’t understand how people can go to places like Cancun where they don’t know anyone, but the weather is perfect and everything is perfect, and have a good time just sitting at the beach 24/7. How do people settle their brains down to relax like that? Does it actually happen?

What happens when you travel? How do you deal with homesickness/feeling detached from your normal life/not being familiar with the place you’re at?

I’m so excited to travel more so that I can learn how to be happier while I do it.


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