Screen Printing Adventures

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.03.12 PM

I finally picked up some screen printing supplies this weekend! I’m determined to create my own fabric designs and turn them into fancy wallets or pillows. There are so many things to do with fabric and I’m determined to conquer them all. This was just a test piece with a stencil I cut out by hand; I hope that sometime soon I’ll start burning images into the screen instead of using stencils. Along with screen printing, my other goal is to naturally dye fabrics with nuts and berries and the like. I just want to make my fabric as original as possible.

While working on screen printing I came to the conclusion that, yeah, it would be so awesome to have my own art space apart from my sleeping space- but it would be REALLY awesome to have a sink that is for art and not dishes. I’ve had to rewash clean dishes because paint splattered all over them. Oh well.

I’d love to hear your screen printing stories!


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