Do What You Love

Ever since getting the position as copy editor at the Eastern Echo, I thought I wouldn’t write articles anymore because I just didn’t care about writing. If my 10 year old self heard me say that… she would have killed me. I don’t know why I thought that I would feel comfortable not writing.
I guess I just have this preconceived notion about what writing for a newspaper is like-boring, vague, dry, hard news stories that I don’t really care about. I was wrong to think that. I can find something I’m passionate about and figure out a way to make an article out of it. I don’t want to write about boring stuff for a boring news paper, so its up to me to spice up the opinion and arts sections.

Thursday night I went to this newer coffee and tap house in Ypsilanti, named Cultivate. They were hosting an art jam for an organization at my school (you can read about the deetz in my article but i’ll save you the explanation about the event, because that’s not what this post is about.). When I first got there, the event hadn’t started yet so there weren’t many people hanging around. I thought I’d get my interviews with the staff and art org. in before things got too busy.
I had questions wrote down along with an inquisitive passion about me. I started interviewing workers, artists, people of the art organization, everyone.
I watched artists set up.
Once the event started, the vibes were amazing. I was observing and writing about what was happening. I was making the most out of the event, and making sure that I was experiencing it the way I wanted to. I think this is what really got me engaged in my writing and the event, I was trying to get more out of it than normal.
It’s so important to have passion for your experiences and what you do in life. I was trying to do that on this night. I was making sure that I gave a damn about what I was writing about, so that the readers would as well.

I hope you find something you’re passionate about and never give it up.


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