Getting Inspired by Window Shopping

Last Sunday I went to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair and I didn’t even end up buying anything because all of the handmade goodies gave me ideas of what I could be making. I really needed that inspiration- I haven’t been feeling very inclined to be producing anything, although I should always be.

Seeing creatives who make the same stuff as me always opens my eyes in some way to what I could be doing with my work to make it better, or how I could divert it from what everyone else is doing. It’s important to see what is already being made and what others are doing in your medium.

There were so many booths at the craft fair that were selling embroideries, so, I went home and started doing some embroideries for my friends for the holidays.

Besides craft fairs, I love going into Anthropologie for inspo. A lot of the product there has this whimsical feeling about it that I want to include in my work. The bedding is so unique and intricate, and the kitchen stuff is more of the same.

What I especially love looking at, are their books. Besides being an artist, I’m a writer and am into publishing or publishing design. The books that are sold there hold so much beauty; they give me ideas about the photos I could be taking and visions of how I would want my future published book to look like. They also open my eyes to the type of publications that I could be writing for.

I’m not a huge spender, so usually when I go into a shop I go in there for inspiration. You never know where you can find it, but it’s literally everywhere. It’s important to be open to finding inspiration on things like packaging, product display, or on the covers of magazines.


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