F Scott Fitzgerald>Everyone

I’ve read the Great Gatsby, you’ve read the Great Gatsby, we’ve all read the Great Gatsby. There’s no doubt about its brilliance, especially Fitzgerald’s writing style. It is simply poetic.

His writing style was so wonderful  that I fell in love with Daisy during my read of Gatsby. She was a poem in and of herself. Then I began to analyze her and really think about her, and I realize that she is flighty, indecisive, and self centered. She really doesn’t have that many good qualities about her, but Fitzgerald’s descriptions about her were so beautiful that I began to look at her just as Gatsby did.

I knew I had to devour more of his writing.

I’m currently reading Tender is the Night and it is just as poetic; a little less climatic, but beautiful all the same. Honestly, he could write about a dust ball blowing across a deserted street and I would be head over heals with it, I bet.

Sometimes his style becomes confusing and he starts explaining people or things that I really don’t care about. That is the only down side of going on one of his journeys.

Fitzgerald takes a character and makes them interact with so many different types of people and by doing this you’re able to learn about each character and the environment around them. Through these characters the reader is also learning about the human condition, but its woven in so well with the plot that you don’t realize you’re even being taught anything.

Tender is the Night is definitely more about the human condition and the development of character than it is about plot or having something exciting going on. There’s never much going on yet I am still entranced. I want to know more about the character’s minds that Fitzgerald has created.

Even in Gatsby I was impatiently waiting to figure out who Daisy would choose, but I was always coming back for more not only for that but because I wanted to get deeper into the character’s minds.

Fitzgerald does a seamless job of creating such a wide range of characters that interact with each other and reveal things about the human mind or their actions. His style, with its diction being ever so poetic, brings you back wanting more.


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