Marbled Clay

I’ve been spending a lot of time searching the web for handmade projects to make for my friends for Christmas. I stumbled on a ring dish that was made out of clay and had a surface marbled effect.

I looked more into using clay and I found out that you can mix acrylic paints with white clay to dye it! I was stoked because alls I had was white clay. So I gave it a try. I made pink and black clay so that I could marble them with white clay. This process got SO messy, and I kid you not, the clay and paint stained my hands for the next couple of days. Tip: use some type of utensils to mix the clay and paint with, instead of using your hands.


I was super stoked on how the clay reacted to the paint- it was perfect. So I get the colors all marbled together, get it shaped into a disc. I put it on top of a mug, thinking that the center of the clay will sink down a bit, creating a bowl/dish shape. I put it all in the oven on the top rack… and the mug topples over, and with it the clay… it falls to the bottom of the oven and starts burning. It wasn’t salvageable so I had to start over and I only had grey and white clay left, and wasn’t about to spend all of that time mixing colors again… so I made this little dish very quickly just to see how setting it on top of the mug helped it form.


I get that it needs to be smoothed out, rounded, etc etc. Putting it on top of a mug to make the center dip down into a dish shape didn’t work the greatest- it wasn’t bowl shaped enough for me and plus there were mug indents on the back of the clay. I’m probably going to go to a thrift store and buy a tiny bowl that I can put the clay inside to shape the dishes perfectly.

I’m excited that I now know what not to do with this process, so that the next time I make one, it’ll actually turn out decent!

Check out abeautifulmess, where I learned how to make this! They put gold around the edges of their handmade beauties (which I love, just havn’t gotten that far yet). I highly suggest checking out how to marble clay. I’m so excited to use the technique for jewelry pieces.



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