Five Ways to Get Ahead With Writing

  1. Collaborate with someone else. While writing with someone else you can see how your writing interacts with theirs, and what your writing lacks compared to theirs, which could give you insight on how to make your writing better. Having the outside influence of someone else on your writing could make your writing develop in a new way.
  2. Reading is, in my opinion, the number one most underrated writing influence. By reading others’ work, you can see what type of writing styles are popular or work well with certain genres. Previously published books should be your go-to when trying to think of something to write. While you read you can see what topics have already been worn out and/or how you could add to a genre with your own topic.
  3. Fight through “writers block.” If your writers block is defined as you being out of ideas, or you dont want to write because of the pressure of perfection, or you just don’t feel it at the moment- acknowledge the feeling and then conquer it. Just start writing. About anything.
  4. Just as you should always be writing (about anything) to conquer writers block, I’ve found it important to keep a notebook so I can write down any thoughts of mine so that later I can come back to the notes for material. Continuing writing will get your brain used to always producing product, so that in the long run, writing something will be easy.
  5. Sometimes it’s daunting to think about someone you look up to reading your work, but it’s essential. If your friends or family don’t write, don’t always count on them to proofread for you. Once in a while you should go out of your way to contact someone who knows a little about what you’re writing about, whether it be the style, genre or topic. You could contact a professor or find someone online that you can trust with your writing and with giving you viable feedback.

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