Handmade Gifts are the Best Gifts


I hate spending money, but I love letting my friends know that they matter, so I love the fact that I can use what I have around the house to make them gifts(handmade gifts are the best gifts). I made this for one of my best friends for her birthday, as well as a knit fabric infinity scarf.

If you buy jewelry-making supplies, you’ll get multiple necklaces out of them. For example, if you buy a pack of beads, or jump rings, you won’t use all of them on one necklace, so you’ll be able to make yourself, as well as your friend, somethin’ neat.

Same with fabric- you can buy two yards of fabric and make two or more scarves out of it. You can find super cute, inexpensive fabric to use and get the joy of hand-making your gifts, as well as saving a bit of money.

Last night I got sucked into Youtube watching diy jewelry tutorials; I already knew how to make most of the projects, but I love seeing that other people are making handmade gifts as well. I strongly suggest taking a peek over there!

I have started to create other necklaces like this that will be for sale on the shop once I finish them. I’m excited.


Show me your handmade goodies!


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