Staying Organized

I am constantly lugging around different art supplies loosely in my backpack. When I have to find something, its this awful dig through clutter and I can never really find what I want. 12138408_889885487714001_5021079143835321446_o

I found out about this beauty online, and decided to make one (I have no clue where the original idea is from). These organizers are perfect to keep your stuff all in one place! Personally, i think this is the best way to travel with your paintbrushes.
I hung mine on my wall so that its out of the way. When you want to travel with it, just fold the top part over hot- dog style, and then roll it up like a burrito! Its compact and easy to transport.

I’ve thought a lot about adding two rows of pockets, even though it won’t be able to roll up the same- but that’s okay! It’ll just have a different purpose. There are so many options with color/design/personalization-although I guess thats with every handmade project… but I just keep thinking how I could write on the white fabric… or make more pockets… so many options!


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