How an Art Student Can Utilize Campus Tools

I’m attending college because I know that having a degree is the most important thing to have listed on a resume. I’ve been on robot mode for the last three years so that I can get through all of these classes without getting too cranky. I want to be out doing my own thing, making art on my own time. But I’ve come to realize that college can do that for me. Campus has so many tools I can use to improve my art and my art career.

The best ways a college student can improve their art career through campus:

If you’ve had a class where the studio provides tools, use them even when you don’t have assignments. Even when you’ve finished the semester, you can most likely talk to your previous professor and see when studio hours are, or how you can access them after hours. There are SO many pieces of equipment to be utilized (especially if youre at a university).

Join clubs. You need to be networking. Yeah, you’ll meet people in classes, but clubs and organizations is where you actually start DOING things and being proactive and productive. This goes to say that if there aren’t any exciting art orgs, make one! See how you can bring a student-made gallery to your campus via an org.

Tools and people are all artists really need.


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