National Sewing Month is sadly slipping away from me. It’s transformed itself into First Month of School instead. If I work reaaaaaally hard to stay motivated, I’m able to find some time to sew- like, before bed and while I’m supposed to be sleeping. Finishing a project is so hard, though. I keep making mistakes and don’t have the patience, motivation, or time to fix the mistake as well as finish it all in one sitting. I’m pushing through it, though! If I keep practicing I won’t even have any goof-ups and I’ll be able to finish every project in one sitting.

Things that help keep me going:

I’ve found that cleaning up after myself while I’m working, or in increments during a project, will make me a little more willing to keep going when I find that there’s a problem with my sewing. Last night I was working on a project and had to undo a bit of stitches I’d done, and I was just not happy about it. I was going to quit for the night. So I started cleaning up my work space… and when I was done, I wanted to sew again! I guess for me, it’s important to have a clean work space.

Really planning out a project. Get the fabrics and gather the notions you need. Put everything else away except for those. It’ll inspire you to put those beautiful fabrics to work!

Cut your fabric during a time when you don’t want to/don’t have the time to do the project. It’s kind of like making an account on Sims- once you’re done creating your Sim/character, or even your house, youre pooped and don’t want to play anymore, even though you haven’t actually gotten to the good part. If you separate the necessities from the fun part, youll be more inclined to do the fun part/project. Last night I got home from a long day at school, and forced myself to do some sewing, and it became a lot less ‘forced’ once I realized the cutting was all done.

Have a list of projects you want to accomplish. Knowing that there are SO many things to sew is overwhelming. Narrow it down to what you want to make at this point in your life.

Talk about sewing with others who enjoy it. Get inspired! (that’s an invite to message me with things youve been working on, or just any sewing chat (: )

I hope everyone is able to balance what they Have to do with what they Love to do. That’s a very important part of life.


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