A Love for Earrings

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At work, I’m constantly focused on lady customers earrings. I’m wondering if they made them themselves, how intricate are they made, were they easy to make, what materials were used, etc. Then I go home and try and conjure up all of the earrings I saw that day for inspiration. It’s a LOT of earring inspo. It’s wonderful.

For my jewelry I’ve been really into rustic, stone pieces that make me feel spiritual and at peace. But then my sister asks me to make her something, and gives me beads for it, and I think I can turn it into something that resembles my creations, but then I start working with it all and it turns out looking like a very young girl put it together and it’s just AWFUL. I’ve found I’ve used up most of my beads that resemble me, and I’m working with those that don’t, so it’s a challenge. I like it, though. I’m trying to learn to work with what I have, whether it’s fabric or beads. I want to be able to take something that doesn’t resemble me and turn it into something that does.

Earrings are so simple to make yet they give me so much satisfaction. They’re such an easy way for me to feel like I’ve conveyed my style (but sometimes they make me cranky because there’s not enough room to make what I want– I guess that’s where necklaces come in.)

You can find these beauties at my shop- abandonedroots.storenvy.com

I’d love to hear opinions and also see what you’re making these days!


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