Day 2 of National Sewing Month

What I made yesterday on Day 1 will be posted later, because it’s something special and I don’t want anyone to see it until the receiver does!

I’m getting efficient at making my products quick and good quality.

I bought three types of fabric that I reaaaally adored, and haven’t done anything with them in a month or two. So, I thought I’d make something easy to show people that I do have this fabric in stock and that I’m able to make more things out of it. Plus, I really just wanted to use the fabric already!



IMG_0400 Just a very simple zippered pouch/wallet, perfect to hold makeup, accessories, pencils, art supplies, whatever in. I sent my friend one and she’s using it as a bowl holder, so I guess that’s a new one!

Hit me up or visit my shop for this cutie, and more:


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