I finished 1984. I did it. It is a feat which ive been trying to conquer since the eighth grade.

Have you ever read something and knew the words were profound but you werent quite sure what was being said? 

At the end of 1984, when Obrien and Winston were talking about how the only reality is whatever reality you believe in- and basically they were analyzing and mapping out how Big Brother made the People think and how they were able to follow so loyally– well, i knew there was some sense to be made there, it was just hard to organize.

What is so great about the people in the US is that we are learning more and more to think for not just ourselves but to have empathy for others and to make decisions based on that empathy instead of based on our personal beliefs. For example, gay marrige is allowed and some might not agree with it but theyre able to see that for others who want it it is good and it should be a human right just like marriage for heterosexuals is a human right. 

Even if the media is a bunch of bull that the government wants us to believe and follow, not everyone will do just that. They recognize others as human beings and can think beyond what is being spoon fed to them.

And thats why the people of 1984 could so easily be controlled by Big Brother. They had no sense of humanity and others or even themselves. BB was the person standing next to them, even if it was Winston. Their empathy was made up of, and for, BB. 

And thats why we as humans are beautiful.


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