The Art of Sewing

IMG_9665There is something so calming about sewing. I woke up way earlier than intended this morning(I was supposed to sleep in!) and decided to start creating right away. It’s so insane that my hands and mind can create something so pretty… I don’t think I can grasp it yet. I look back at my art career and realize that I spend years on one medium; I’ve finally gotten over jewelry because everyone is doing it and doing it well, so I thought I’d like to bring some sewing back into the world. I work at Joann Fabrics and see all of the people who come in buying fabric and sewing supplies, and it makes me so happy. I realize, however, that not a lot of people know how to sew anymore. On the internet there are TONS of people sewing, but in real life I’m surrounded by maybe one person my age who does it. I want to enlighten people my age with sewing. It is a craft that should be passed on and I want to do that.

Peep my crafts at !


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