Zen Writer

I always want to share with other writers the things that have helped me.

I found a program called Zen Writer that you download to your computer that will set the right mood for you during writing. If youre like me and are unable to write with music on because it creates the wrong vibe, or because you only pay attentiom to the music, then you should check this out.
Zen Writer is a program that becomes full screen when opened, and is essentially like Microsoft Word- except better.
With ZW youre able to change the background picture of the document, when you type it can sound like youre using a typewriter, and you can have a soothing sound occupy your ears.
Since the atmosphere of being on a computer doesnt get me in the mood to write, ZW seriously helped me. Im used to typing on a type writer and the sounds make me want to write- needless to say, this program does the same thing.
I had this for my windows laptop but havent been able to find it for my macbook(let me know if you find otherwise!).
I love the vibes this program creates because sometimes its so hard for me to want to write.

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