The Abandoned Roots Story

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a brand that supports the authenticity of life, going back to the root of how things are made/used to be made and working with our hands.
a lifestyle.

A/R is a brand that is conscious and conscientious about the way we create our work and the affect it is going to have on you (noun: the most important aspect of our business). For our jewelry, we only buy crystals that we recognize as good quality; we would never sell a product that we didn’t believe in. We cleanse our crystals in the moonlight after buying them, so that when we use them to make jewelry, we won’t be feeling any former negative energy, but then we especially make sure we cleanse the crystals again once they are about to be shipped out to you. We start all of our projects from raw crystals- none of the crystal aspects of our jewelry are pre-made from Michaels or Joanns, because we believe in one-of-a-kind pieces. We want to make sure that when you receive yours, it is catered specifically to you.

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As for our wallets/purses/bags, we choose good quality fabrics; and in the process of making them, we use strong thread and use practices that we know to make the bags more durable. We want our pieces to last.

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